Until June 3rd, when further discussions will take place at the Core Group meeting in London, Chris McDonnell has agreed to take on the role of Press Officer.
He may be contacted on 01 889 881 514 mob 07 927 90 25 26
or through email – media@acalltoaction.org.uk

Some personal reflections after the event

1. As there were so many other representatives from our group at Leeds and because I could see that some of them seemed to be taking detailed notes, I did not take any notes myself. These reflections are made almost a week after we got home. They are not a record of the event.

Our keynote speaker at the recent meeting of diocesan representatives of ACTA was Fr Daniel O’Leary. It was indeed an inspirational talk.

He has now written up that presentation for publication under the title “Courageous Conversations” for the Irish Journal ‘The Furrow’

As it is not yet in the public domain, we are not in a position to publish it through our ACTA network in full. However Daniel has given us permission to offer extracts that might give some flavour of the direction of his thought to all of us.

Who invented the wheel? Whose idea was it?
Perhaps it wasn't invented at all, just discovered.
Someone, somewhere, sometime, noticed that round things could be made to roll and from then on, they did.

There are a few lines in one of Eliot’s Four Quartets, The Dry Salvages, where he refers to the edge between land and sea.

“…. The sea is all about us; the sea is the land’s edge also, the granite into which it reaches, the beaches where it tosses its hints of earlier and other creation…”