ACTA Travel Expenses Policy

Members of ACTA attending Trustees and Leadership Team Meetings are able to claim travel expenses. These are usually the train fare (and perhaps a share of taxi fares) or car mileage (at a rate of 35p per mile).

To claim travel expenses, this form should be completed and submitted to the treasurer, along with a copy of any available receipts. The cost of travel with then be refunded to the member’s bank account.

Should the member wish to donate the travel expenses to ACTA, there are two possibilities: 

1. Donation with gift aid: The member must complete a gift aid declaration (one is included on the expenses form). The treasurer will transfer the expenses to the member’s bank account. The member should then transfer a donation to ACTA’s bank account (Cooperative Bank, sort code 089299 account number 65716193), allowing the gift aid to be claimed at a rate of 25% of the value of the donation.

2. Donation without gift aid: The member completes the expenses form and submits it to the treasurer. Two transactions are entered into the accounts – the payment of the expenses and the receipt of their donation. There are no transfers of money.

Making a donation of your expenses is not in any way expected or required but some of our members like to do so.    

March 2020

Expenses Form