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Cardinal Angelo Scola

Cardinal Angelo Scola celebrated his 80th birthday on Nov. 7 and consequently lost the right to vote in the next conclave. At the same time, The Catholic University of America Press published the English edition of his biographical interview book, Betting on Freedom: My Life in the Church, written with the Italian journalist Luigi Geninazzi.

In 1991, St. John Paul II appointed him bishop of Grosseto, a small Italian diocese, and then rector of the Pontifical Lateran University in 1995. In 2002, the pope named him patriarch of Venice, followed by cardinal in 2003. Pope Benedict XVI transferred Cardinal Scola to Milan in 2011 and, at his wish, Francis accepted his resignation in 2017.

In this exclusive interview with America’s Vatican correspondent, the cardinal spoke about some of the topics that he develops in depth in the book, including his close relationship with Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, his joyful time as a bishop over 26 years and his concern at the decline of the Christian faith in Europe.

Significantly, he strongly defended Pope Francis against attacks from within the church and emphasized that “the pope is the pope,” stating that to attack the pope is to do harm to the church.

Advent Journey 2021

Mary of Nazareth: Companion in our Journey

Evenings of Conversation – Reflection – Prayer

7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

See Online Events for more details and link for booking.

Download: Advent Journey 2021

Easter People

Chris McDonnell

La croix 6th November 2021


It all seems a long time ago, mainly because it is, forty one years in fact, since some 2000 people gathered in Liverpool for the National Pastoral Congress. The Report that emerged was given the title of ‘The Easter People’. The cover image of a stream of people with hands uplifted in praise, is one that I have used in many ways in subsequent years, both in school, parish and various leaflets.

Rise in Glory!

A Tribute from the Board of Trustees of ACTA 

Fr Gerry Hughes SJ passed away on Tuesday 2nd November at the Jesuit Retirement Home at Boscombe. He often referred to himself as the “talking” Gerry Hughes to distinguish himself from “walking” Fr Gerald W Hughes SJ. Ordained to the priesthood in 1967, his life was to become the epitome of the cleric and academic. A lecturer and the Master of Campion Hall, Oxford marked out a life of distinguished scholarship.  He was an author of a number of texts including, “The Nature of God”  and the “Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Aristotle on Ethics”.  He was for some years the Vice Provincial of the British Province of the Society of Jesus.

Members of ACTA will know Fr Gerry as the former Spiritual Director to the organisation. He was a guide, a mentor and a friend to all who came to know him. His sharp intellect was married to a mild and whimsical character that was appealing and disarming in equal measure. He was never more at home than in the sharing of a simple lunch while discussion ranged across the many fields to which he had made such a contribution. He carried his learning lightly and was a born teacher

In the last few years, aware of his declining strength, he withdrew to the Jesuit centre at Boscombe. 

Members of ACTA will remember him with gratitude for his guidance, with respect for his learning and with fondness for his convivial nature.

Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory!