The Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales and Scotland have chosen a new Bible translation for use at Mass that translates women out of Scripture.  Does this matter, and how do we respond? 

In a 25 minute talk, Liz Dodd (Home News Editor at the Tablet) guided us through all the issues surrounding the New Lectionary, allowing time for reflection followed by lively group discussion and questions.

Bio: Liz Dodd is a journalist and travel writer for publications including National Geographic Traveller (UK) and The Guardian. A theology graduate, she is a Candidate with the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace, and has circumnavigated the globe on a bicycle.

This week will see that last of the Universe and Catholic Times being produced. Falls in sales due to the pandemic has caused this. We are grateful to Chris McDonnell for providing us with his weekly column for the Catholic Times. We hope Chris will continue to make the occasional offering for this site.

Meeting Point

Download : JUNE 11 The Meeting Place
Chris McDonnell CT June 11 2021.

There are many gathering places that offer natural opportunities
for meeting one another, opportunities for the social contact that has been absent in recent weeks and months. Maybe it is worth reflecting on what we have missed as we gradually shift towards renewing old customs and habits.

It has become apparent just how much we value our local pub as an important aspect of our social life, to the extent that we understand ‘the local’ as clearly indicating the nearby pub. It is a place where we gather with friends for a social chat and a pint, where we are known by the bar staff and are missed if we are absent. Often a particular table or corner seat is known by the name of its regular occupant-‘that’s Jack’s seat by the window’. It is a place where we feel at ease, a place of relaxation.

A conversation about what a Catholic Synod is and how Synodality will apply in the Catholic Church.

From Flashes of Insight with Joe Grayland – featuring:

Cardinal John Dew

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Professor Tom O’ Loughlin