Reform-minded Catholics launch unofficial survey to give believers a chance to express their priorities for Church renewal, which the synodal process may have overlooked

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The Trustees of ACTA met recently to discuss the National Conference in October 2022. Last year we canvassed the opinion of members about the options for a physical / virtual Conference We are issuing that survey again this year. The decision to have a physical Conference carries significant financial costs and risks [associated with late cancellation]

A National Conference may be held in Birmingham in late October 2022. The cost is likely to be £30 pp.

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A Call To Action (ACTA) synodal representation  for Portsmouth and Arundel & Brighton Dioceses 


A Call To Action is a Roman Catholic charity based in England and Wales. We seek to ‘… contribute  fully to the life of our Church so that we may be a more effective sign of the Kingdom of God. To do  this, we believe that an atmosphere of openness and dialogue both with each other and with  our Church leadership needs developing. Accordingly, we aim to supply channels of free and frank  communication. We desire to help create a climate of trust and respect for all where this dialogue  may be fostered.’ 

We welcome the theology of embarking on a synodal journey and restoring the idea of a synodal  Church, and we welcome the opportunity to contribute to the listening process and dialogue. 

Kyiv Winter of ‘22


Far away in Eastern Europe 

another country has turned to threaten peace


with the turmoil and high cost of full-blown war.

as speechless with fear we look on.


Remember the troops in the streets of Budapest

in the late November chill of Autumn of ‘56


and the sea-born standoff in the Western Atlantic, 

ten days when youth faced age in mid-October of ’62.


The Prague Spring quickly faded in sunlit August of ‘68

for once again tank tracks rattled through city streets


now repeated all these years on in late Winter of ‘22

as the aftershock of gun fire stuttering in the skies


of the Western world and an obdurate Soviet

leader wags a defiant finger as his militia


roll through the suburban streets of Kyiv 

and missiles end their flight in a ball of liquid flame.


The outcome is uncertain as countries

hover on the brink of indecision.


Touch this ravaged, tear-soaked earth as you walk 

the Emmaus Road with gentle faith of healing.


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s famous statement -"I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones"- does indeed give food for thought.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall in ‘89 and the collapse of the Eastern block of countries in Europe, so closely aligned to the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain that had been in place since the late 40s passed into memory. The break-up of the Soviet Union itself eased the threat of Communistic dictatorship and for a while we smiled again. The significance of the role played by John Paul II has yet to be determined but there can be little doubt that he played no small part.

Many other problems still faced us but the spirit of co-operation that was about at that time heralded new circumstances and a brighter prospect.