First Session
(4-29 October 2023)

Discussions based on key elements of the

A Synodal Church in Mission - Synthesis Report

ACTA will be holding three separate sessions to discuss some of the key issues in the Synthesis Report published at the end of the First Session of the Synod. The areas chosen for discussion relate to some of the critical issues affecting the laity and their role in the future of the Church.

Members will be involved in discussions which will form part of the response that ACTA makes to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the Vatican.

The sessions will be delivered via Zoom on three consecutive Sundays
from 10-24 March 2024.
The six areas chosen for discussion include:

Session 1

Part 1 Chap 1 – Synodality: Experience and Understanding
Part 1 Chap 4 - People in Poverty, Protagonists of the Church's Journey

Session 2

Part 11 Chap 8 - Church is Mission
Part 11 Chap 9 - Women in the Life and Mission of the Church

Session 3

Part 111 Chap 16 - Towards a Listening and Accompanying Church
Part 111 Chap 17 - Mission in the Digital Environment

While members will look at specific questions there are significant
elements within other chapters. For example Chap 4 considers the
People in Poverty while Chap 16 considers the need for accompaniment
including the poor and marginalised. Chapter 8 considers the missional
nature of the Church but Chap 18 expounds on how this is to be
reflected in the structures of the Church. Some chapters refer to
particular constituents [ the role of women] while other sections consider
the needs for improved formation to undertake key ministries.