Kyiv Winter of ‘22


Far away in Eastern Europe 

another country has turned to threaten peace


with the turmoil and high cost of full-blown war.

as speechless with fear we look on.


Remember the troops in the streets of Budapest

in the late November chill of Autumn of ‘56


and the sea-born standoff in the Western Atlantic, 

ten days when youth faced age in mid-October of ’62.


The Prague Spring quickly faded in sunlit August of ‘68

for once again tank tracks rattled through city streets


now repeated all these years on in late Winter of ‘22

as the aftershock of gun fire stuttering in the skies


of the Western world and an obdurate Soviet

leader wags a defiant finger as his militia


roll through the suburban streets of Kyiv 

and missiles end their flight in a ball of liquid flame.


The outcome is uncertain as countries

hover on the brink of indecision.


Touch this ravaged, tear-soaked earth as you walk 

the Emmaus Road with gentle faith of healing.


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