Congratulations to Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Ad Multos Annos

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A Diocesan Leaders’ Seminar is planned for 6-7 May 2013 at Hinsley Hall in Leeds (Leeds Diocesan Pastoral Centre.)  The purpose of the Seminar is to gather together the experiences of groups from across the UK, to pray together, and to plan future work.  Whilst the Seminar is primarily for diocesan leaders, there are some spare places available.



Congratulations to Gerry who has been awarded an MBE in The New Years Honours List for his services to the community in Liverpool. Ad multos annos. Visit Michael Causer Foundation >

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An enthralling memoir of one of the few remaining bishops to have participated in Vatican II.

Fifty years ago, amidst the excitement and wonder of the early days of Vatican II, a young parish priest, Remi de Roo, is ordained as the Bishop of Victoria. Swiftly called to Rome, the young bishop participates in the enthralling and dramatic proceedings of one of the Catholic Church’s most memorable moments in recent history. Inspired by the passionate call to renew and reform God’s Church, he dedicates his life and ministry to the Council’s vision.

A rare memoir of one of the few remaining bishops who participated in Vatican II, this book offers an intimate, insightful perspective on how Remi de Roo has kept the vision of Vatican II alive. De Roo’s memoir provides an exceptional first hand perspective of the Council as well as the many joys and challenges implementing its reform of the Church in the years after. Moreover, de Roo invites us to share in his colourful life as he reflects back on the many chapters of his life – from the highs to the lows –and the excitement of his priestly and episcopal years of service.

At a time when many probe the thought and intentions of the Council Fathers, Remi de Roo’s words offer a first-hand point of view and an inestimable treasure for years to come.

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Meeting of the ‘A Call to Action’ group and its supporters, October 10th 2012.

St Mary Abbot church, Kensington.

After enrolment at Heythrop College, the meeting of about 350 people gathered
at St Mary Abbot church, Kensington. Derek Reeve gave a brief introduction
with the story of the group from its inspiration for the Association of
Catholic Priests in Ireland through to today’s meeting, the numbers attending
exceeding all expectations.