Gerry J Hughes SJ

I have been asked to do three things, very briefly: to say what it was at the time of the Council with really caught my attention and inspired me: to explain that I think we are not doing all we can, today, to live up to those expectations; and to make some practical suggestions. All in ten minutes! Briefly, then:

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Around 400 people attended yesterday’s second meeting of the movement ‘A Call to Action’, which is fostering dialogue about the future direction of the Church and Church renewal in Britain. The organisers were “overwhelmed” by the attendance, which forced the gathering out of Heythrop College in Kensington and into nearby St Mary Abbots Church. Nearly every diocese of England and Wales was represented and priests, religious and laity were all there in good numbers.

Heythrop on October 10th is in the

Loyola Room and the timetable will be ;-

11.30 a.m  . Arrive and Registration

12.00 noon. Speakers Garry Hughes, S.J., Catherine O'Donovan (who

worked with cardinal Konig - laywoman), . Chris McDonnell (ex

headteacher) and Thomas O'Loughlin (professor of Historical theology

at Nottingham University)

 1.00 p.m.     Break for lunch (bring packed lunch beverages available)

 2.00 p.m.     Work in Diocesan groups

 3.30 p.m.     Plenary Session and conclusions

 4.30 p.m.     tea

There will be no fee for the meeting but a collection will be taken to

cover the costs. Anyone who intends to come, please let me know by

October 1st if possible

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