Accompanying Letter:

Rome, 16 July 2021

Dear Brothers in the Episcopate,

Just as my Predecessor Benedict XVI did with Summorum Pontificum, I wish to accompany the Motu proprio Traditionis custodes with a letter explaining the motives that prompted my decision. I turn to you with trust and parresia, in the name of that shared “solicitude for the whole Church, that contributes supremely to the good of the Universal Church” as Vatican Council II reminds us.[1]

Vatican News

New norms regarding use of 1962 Roman Missal: Bishops given greater responsibility
Pope Francis publishes a motu proprio on Friday to redefine the use of the pre-Vatican missal granting the decision to allow its use the local bishops. Groups attending the pre-Vatican liturgy must not deny the validity of the liturgical reform dictated by the Second Vatican Council and the magisterium of the Supreme Pontiffs.
By Vatican News

Should women have more power in the Catholic Church ?

Frank Callus represented ACTA in this debate. Go to about 50% of the way in to the broadcast

ACTA 2015 National Conference

After the Synod: The Church of Tomorrow

Saturday 31 October at Leeds Trinity University, Leeds

Speakers:  TBA

Further information about the Conference will be published in the New Year.

In the meantime, all good wishes for a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

Eileen Fitzpatrick (ACTA Chair)

Lord Brennan spoke at Heythrop on the Christian's responsibility in public life and he called for a meeting of Catholic organisations to discuss the way forward. ACTA was not mentioned but I think it should be involved in such a meeting with Catholic Union, Catholic Voices, Catenians, etc.