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    Saturday Morning Early - Catching God in the Act of Creation
  • Author
    Farrel, Val
  • Publisher / Date
    T Snape & Co Ltd 2017
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    Alex Walker
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    Fr Val has never been a priest who has kept the Lord safely confined to his Tabernacle. He has always brought Him out, challenged himself and more importantly challenged us. The status quo has never been an option. "And here's a question for sure: if God came among us, blind and needing is to show him to his place, would we really feel like involving him in our daily goings-on? Or would we rather keep him where he belongs, in church, especially a more traditional one where we could expect him to look after himself? The very idea!' p.61
    In his book, Saturday Morning Early, Fr Val, makes sure we involve him in our daily goings-on and this is a fitting testimony to his priestly ministry. Well worth dipping into.