Roy SmithIn the year 2000, I retired from being an internal consultant in the Ford Motor Company Process Leadership Office.  
I have substantial and long-term experience in working with groups on complexity.  
For some years I gave an annual lecture at the City University School of Management that attracted a large crowd of students.  
When working with groups on complex situations I use the most powerful method I have found:
Structured Dialogic Design (SDD) (a)
Since 1995 I have run some 160 workshops for about 1,500 participants. Ninety-five workshops have been in Industry and Commerce, and sixty-five in the Social Arena. 
SDD is the best method I know for dealing with the most troublesome situations that one might ever encounter.”
I am active in my local church and community, and use Structured Dialogic Design (SDD) in resolving difficulties and doing strategic planning with those groups
(a) see